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out there! At the end of the booking I received an error message saying to try again. In store coupons can be printed at home or shown on your mobile device. Obviously, the cancel button is a scam! Be naughty with us by using these codes for added discounts when shopping online.

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Our visa statement arrived showing the charge (2606.32) but no credit. Just imagine waiting 1 hour online in Airport took a week off for a vacation you get to the counter no tickets you cant fly. The next day, I spoke to a manager who also regurgitated the same information. The motel refused a refund. I had a terrible experience that cost me nearly 500 more pickbandz coupon for my flight and arrived at my destination a half day late for a three day trip-all due to Travelocity's incompetence. Yet I was offered 100.00. All may have been true but a notification advising the customer would have been sufficient enough. Where I had to call hotel itself and book with them. At this point zero progress was made, absolutely none, and on my 4th of July holiday. He finally gave up and clearly explained the issue. Sometimes if we wait until 18 or 12 hours before all the upgrades are gone.

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